Primary Care


Our track record in delivering IM&T services to Primary Care providers goes back many years.  


Working closely with three local Clinical Commissioning Groups, delivering services to almost 90 GPs, we offer the same service levels for IM&T support GP Practices as we do to all our other customers.


All GPs benefit from:
  • ​IT Help Desk Services

  • Our COIN Network delivering free calls between all GP surgeries and one Global address book

  • Task force on-site regular scheduled visits

  • Website Services

  • E-Lloyd George Service

  • Electronic discharge Information from the acute hospitals

  • Library Services

  • Executive Information and Data Quality Services

  • IT Training on new and enhanced systems

  • Information Governance support

  • Ad Hoc requirements, e.g. Office relocations – all part of the service


Our GPs also work with us to help us develop the systems they need to do their jobs – much of the innovation that we roll-out will also benefit GPs in their work, particularly as we move towards more joined up services and electronic information transfer and storage.


Our e-Lloyd George Service has also allowed us to extend our geographical reach to GPs and CCGs in other parts of the UK, making us a truly nationwide service provider.


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