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Document digitisation and archiving

Scanning and Archiving

Following the national requirement for all secondary healthcare providers to transition to digital records , organisations are having to review their IT strategies and ask how the digitisation of paper records can further this  

However, given the effort, coordination, and resources required, digitisation of paper records can feel like a daunting task. Here at Mid Mersey Digital Alliance, we are on-hand to assist your organisation in digitising all paper records, making the process of digitisation manageable and efficient whilst having a tremendous impact on patient care and internal outcomes in the meantime.

MMDA can ensure a seamless transition of paper documents to digital records by providing a unified, streamlined process of scanning and archiving records and their subsequent management as electronic records.


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Electronic Health Records

MMDA can also provide electronic document management to all other health and care organisations, to securely manage the transition of any type of paper record and transfer these into electronic records.

Our Electronic Records system (EDMS) ensures a faster, more accurate storage and retrieval solution for all types of data and documentation.

MMDA’s EDMS can vastly improve the availability of your organisation’s information so that more than one person can access a record at one time.

In addition, information is found much more quickly at the click of a button rather than searched for in the medical records department

The digitisation of patient information and workflow processes can result in closer integration with other systems and organisations, providing your staff with access to the digitised information at the point they need it.

Managing and storing these records online via cloud-based systems is also providing better visibility into patient care history and improving patient safety, as well as freeing up valuable space that can instead be more efficiently used for patient care and services.

Our Electronic Records system can reduce administrative costs and burdens on staff and allow them to focus more time on care delivery, improving patient care across the trust.

MMDA’s Electronic Records Management service allows key information to be accessible by clinicians from wherever they are in the Trust.


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