About US

Hosted by St Helens & Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Mid Mersey Digital Alliance is a unique shared service built on the quality of our in-house staff, industry standard ICT infrastructure, secure information systems and an overarching culture of delivery.


We have the capability, knowledge and experience to deliver into every type of NHS organisation including:
  • Primary Care

  • Secondary Care

  • Community Care

  • Mental Health Care

  • Commissioners

  • Provider Services


We provide services and strategic direction to all NHS organisations within our own health economy and the wider NHS across the UK.

We have steadily matured into a unique, award winning, shared service with a single governance structure that provides services including; robust infrastructures, effective IT solutions and a quality information service across the region, to support the highest levels of patient care.

Through innovative, reliable products and services; talented people; a responsible approach to the challenges the NHS faces; and collaboration with our partners and customers, Mid Mersey Digital Alliance is leading the way in NHS IM&T service delivery, ultimately driving up the quality of patient care.


If you want to talk to us about how our organisations could work together, click here to contact us

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