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Mid Mersey Digital Alliances Informatics are recognised as a leader in the delivery of IM&T support services and systems to NHS organisations. 

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Award-winning and standard-setting, we deliver on our promises to all our customers every time, helping them to deliver the best possible patient care.

Being part of the NHS, we understand the criticality of all the services and systems we provide and support.  The NHS is a 24/7 organisation and depends on the systems and infrastructures in place to be highly available, robust and secure.

By collaborating with a trusted set of strategic partners, Mid Mersey Digital Alliance provide a comprehensive range of award winning services and systems to all types of NHS organisations across the country, establishing our position as a Health Informatics Service that can be entrusted with your IM&T requirements.

We are extremely proud of our track record in delivering services and systems to all our customers; we continue to innovate and improve on our already extremely high standards of service delivery.



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