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Halton Haven - Testimonial

Halton Haven Hospice - Customer Experience


Halton Haven Hospice remain one of our most valued clients who take a range of services from us such as IG/DPO2, Service Desk, Network, Business Relationship and Hosting.

We recently caught up with Kevin Matthews,  IT and Data Protection Manager at Halton Haven Hospice to learn more about their experience with us.


1. How satisfied are you with the overall service you have received from MMDA?

We are completely satisfied with the service we receive from MMDA. The response times and support offered at any given interaction are second to none!

2. What value do MMDA provide?

They provide more than just value for money, it’s personal interaction, one on one support, advice and guidance on a large range of topics.

3. What are your biggest challenges?

Our biggest challenges are around staff support. The Helpdesk is there to alleviate any concerns and issues in a calm and not to technical approach that puts my colleagues at ease.

4. Why did you choose MMDA as appose to other IT providers?

Both MMDA’s reputation as-well as our initial interactions where what sold us on them being exactly what we needed when investing in our IT systems.

5. How can we improve your experience with MMDA?

There isn’t anything MMDA could do better to improve our experience.  We are always finding new services to add with MMDA, and we feel comfortable sharing our needs and wants to a receptive company for the betterment of our Hospice.


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