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MMDA have teams of qualified, specialist engineers, expert in clinical and non-clinical applications, and systems and networks – all ready to guide and support your organisation and your users through the technical maze of keeping your networks, infrastructure, and data  up to date, safe and available.

In recent times, where staff have been required to work remotely or across different sites, we have implemented top of the range monitoring, protection and alerting solutions to keep a watchful eye over your organisation’s infrastructure and provide you with the assurance that matter where your people are working from – your data and systems are highly available, working efficiently, and most importantly – secure.


We have also worked hard to ensure that thousands of users can keep in touch with each other with a range of innovative communication solutions designed around individual members of staff and teams to keep everyone communicating with each other, when and how they need to.


As a customer of MMDA, your infrastructure and network is in safe hands, supported by our SDI accredited Service Desk, Task Force Engineers and our team of specialist 2nd and 3rd line engineers, all working together to provide a safe, secure, resilient platform for your digital solutions, so patient care can continue, uninterrupted.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support you with your Infrastructure Management. 

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