Our Customers

Since the launch of Mid Mersey Digital Alliance, we have grown our user base to over 14,000 users, across 155 sites.

Working closely with every type of NHS organisation in our own health economy and across the UK.  Our track record shows that our understanding of the NHS IT user requirements is unsurpassed. 

Each and every one of our customers has a digital strategy developed in collaboration with Mid Mersey Digital Alliance Team.

The strategy ensures that our customers, and us, understand the IT journey to be taken over this time.  This is reviewed on an annual basis, after which, an annual programme of projects and plans is created for each customer, taking into account national and local organisational specific initiatives that are to be delivered within the financial year, how these are to be funded and how and when the projects will be commenced and completed.

Mid Mersey Digital Alliance provides project management to manage system implementations and the corresponding organisational change that is agreed in the strategy and annual reviews.



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