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Todays challenging environment means the NHS has to be financially efficient and have to maximise the value of existing IT equipment and environment, and at the same time be innovative in the delivery of new technologies to work with the existing estate.

To get this right can be a delicate balancing act and Mid Mersey Digital Alliance will ensure you get the best of both worlds.

The Mid Mersey Digital Alliance Service Desk and support teams have extensive experience in supporting our customers IT requirements over the years using a combination of standardisation, service improvements, cost reductions, service integration, shared experience and best practice deployment.


​Providing both on-site, (through our team of Task Force Engineers), and off site, (through our Service Desk Engineers), following ITIL best practice, the Mid Mersey Digital Alliance team Desk Top Support Services will deliver:
  • ​IT Service Desk and Support (1st/2nd line)

  • Virus/patch management and Print Management

  • PC Refresh service, backed up by our "hot swap" policy

  • Hardware Maintenance/Software Distribution/Upgrades/Installation/Application Support

  • Provision and installation of secure standardised hardware and software platforms for all end user devices

  • Automated Software delivery to end user devices remotely via automated delivery

  • Continuous automated scheduled and managed operating system and security updates to all hardware and software

  • Comprehensive Mobile device encryption to prevent unauthorised access to mobile data

  • USB security implemented preventing risk of data loss from portable devices

  • Provision of a dedicated clinical desktop with single sign on for fast and secure smartcard access to systems under 10 seconds. 

  • Centralised and enforced central data storage, preventing any data, critical or sensitive residing on end user devices 

  • Centralised IT procurement, Inc. evaluation, quotes, auditing and license management and desktop build imaging

  • Secure disposal of redundant equipment and data to WEEE standards.



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