Charitable Organisations

Mid Mersey Digital Alliance understand the consequences of the current public sector austerity and are actively working with all its customers to deliver significant change and ICT enabled business savings. The use of effective and reliable ICT can facilitate high levels of change and consolidate business functions which can reduce ongoing costs.

The MMDA have a proven record in providing high quality IM&T services all its customers and have delivered benefits to these organisations through the provision of high quality support and implementations of resilient and reliable IT infrastructures.

We work with a small number or locally and nationally known charitable organisations to support their IT services and infrastructure, delivering cost effective, top quality services to all users.

The Mid Mersey Digital Alliance team will personally offer their time to facilitate and engage with charitable organisations to understand the current and future direction and provide free no strings guidance and advice to enable the service to simply do things differently with reduced funding whilst still providing quality services.

If you are  a charitable organisation, looking to improve the way you work and deliver the efficiencies being asked at this time, talk to us to discuss how we can work with you and what we can deliver to your organisation.

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